Vingym Rowing Station - Open Gym Equipment

Vingym  Open Gym Equipment

#Vingym Rowing Station is a widely used #OutdoorGymEquipment and designed to strengthens the upper body and core body and core muscles. Assists in strengthening the thigh muscles. For More Details, Please Visit at - or Call Us at +91-8126114747, +91-121-2441111 #Vingym #Vinex #VingymVinex #VinexVingym RowingStation #OutdoorGymMachines #OpenGymMachines #OutdoorRowingStation #OudoorGymRowingStation

Outdoor Gym Equipment Manufacturers

VINGYM (a Registered Trademark of VINEX) is world leading trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Garden Gym Equipment /  Outdoor Gym Equipment / Open Gym Equipment / Outdoor Exercise Machines for Open Areas, Parks, Personal, Public and Commercial use, Health Clubs and Corporate Offices at very lowest price in India. We are located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India and these products can be ordered from anywhere across India.

Our outdoor exercise machine Include Air Swing, Air Walker, Outdoor Cycle, Horse Rider Station, Abdominal Board Double, Weight Lifting Station, Bridge Ladder, Leg Press, Arm And Shoulder Wheel, Cross Walker, Chest Press & Lat Pull, Sit Up & Push Up Bench, Twister & Leg Trainer, Exterio Gym Chin Up Bar and Much More. VINGYM outdoor gym equipment is made of heavy gauge steel with strong construction to last in outdoor environments. These machines are very helpful to improve physical performance, body balance, agility & quickness, aerobic capacity and flexibility.

These products are powder coated in vibrant colours for a durable finish. It can be easily installed with minimal maintenance requirement. These products are available at affordable prices. You can choose any VINGYM Outdoor Fitness Equipment as per your requirement for the open areas. Our team will install at your area(T&C).

For More Details, Please Visit Us at or Call Us at +91-121-2441111, +91-8126114747 / 8126110505

Vingym Arm Wheel (Double) - Outdoor Gym Machines

Vingym Arm Wheel (Double) is a widely used outdoor gym equipment and designed to improve flexibility & blood circulation to shoulder joints and muscles. Products Size & Dimension: 870 MM x 850 MM x 1830 MM.
Vingym Arm Wheel (Double) - Outdoor Gym Machines
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Vingym Treadmill - Open Gym Equipment

Vingym Treadmill is the widely used Outdoor Gym Equipment and this equipment give a great cardiovascular workout and helps improve heart health. Similarly improves flexibility of lower joints and helps to lose weight.
Vingym Treadmill
For More Details, Please Visit at - or Call Us at +91-8126118383, +91-121-2441111

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Cross Walker-Outdoor Gym Equipment

Vingym Cross Walker is the widely used outdoor fitness equipment and designed to give a cardiovascular workout, as well as improving muscle tone in the legs and arms.
Cross Walker-Outdoor Gym Equipment
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Vingym Twister Triple: Open Gym Equipment

Vingym Twister Triple is the widely used Open Gym Equipment and especially designed for helps in Back and Spinal Joint exercises. Aligns Lower Back and Spine. Assists in increasing flexibility of Upper Lower Back.For More Details, Please Visit at - or Call Us at +91-121-2441111 #TwisterTriple #OpenGymEquipment #GreenGymEquipment #Manufacturers, #Suppliers  #Exporters #India